A perfect relationship

    “A perfect relationship is not perfect It’s just that both people never gave up “

     Whether it’s a friend or a  relationship all bonds are built on trust.. without it… You have Nothing…

    Communications between two people who can be partners can be between parents and child or any two people who are friends or any one of your family with whom you have a relationship.

               Good relationships can never be built on assumptions, it creates by trust, honest & to be openness. The relationship is like open communication,

 A good relationship

       In a good relationship between any two people, there is an equal amount of giving & take mutual ideas, communication, respect, and energy between them which gives them happiness and satisfaction.

When it comes to family life, everyone strives to figure out how the relationship between parents and children can become ideal.

     Positive parenting techniques work well for raising children with discipline and good moral values and are every parents’ dream.

     However, it is not an easy feat. And it is important to know that the parent-child relationship is a two-way street, in other words, it is actually a partnership between a parent and their child.

      A garden with different flowers becomes beautiful when it blossoms. Similarly, if parents learn how to be a ‘gardener’ and are able to recognize their child’s personality and nourish it, then their ‘garden’ will become fragrant! This is what positive parenting is all about!

     When parents develop effective parenting skills, they are able to take the initiative in filling the generation gap. When parents start to understand the balance of where to place boundaries, where to encourage, and where to discourage, then their children will not get spoiled. In this way, they become good parents. When people do not know how to be good parents, the distance between the two develops.


       The relationship between parents and child is very important. Children develop a healthy relationship with their parents when they get attention.

      A relationship gets dull if there is no love rebuilding the love that relationship smooth & healthy.

      A good relationship with friends is very important for a healthy & happy mind. That relationship tells us our drawbacks and built us strong.


         Some phases are very difficult in our life but that relationship gives us support to solve many problems in our life.

          At the heart of life lie the relationships we have with other people. With family, co-workers and friends close by and far away on the other side of the world. And how you let these relationships flow and grow has a huge impact on the happiness both in your life and in the lives of the people you care about.

       So this week I’d like to look back into the past and share some of the best advice from the wise people who have walked this earth.

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”

       In a relationship, it is a powerful relation when they have trust in each other. whatever problems come in life it shares with the nearest person to release your tension and be live stressless. for that, the important thing is To improve your communication and conflict management skills so that difficult conversations end up bringing you closer together, not further apart.

 A Healthy relationships

        Healthy relationships involve helping meet each other’s needs. But just as essential is meeting your needs for yourself. Otherwise, you end up burdening your partner with that responsibility.               

       So if you are going through life on auto-pilot and wondering why you’re not feeling emotionally intimate in your relationship.

      Moments all about love, dating, relationship, marriage, family, and intimacy. As a relationship coach, my passion is to teach people how to build healthy and happy relationships that would last forever.

Closeup shot of two unrecognizable people holding hands in comfort

    In the relationship, communication performs an important role

Steps to Healthy Communication

  1. Find a good time and space to talk.

  2. Agree on communication rules – such as be kind, honest, no name-calling. Stick to only one issue at a time.

  3. Regulate your emotions – take a break if too angry or upset.

  4. Use “I Statements” when speaking.

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The relation between students & Teacher  play an important role in society.

they give success and social development. Teacher create a good person and teach how to live in society.